Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Know

Black Hat SEO Techniques are search engine optimization techniques that shouldn’t be used. Black Hat SEO techniques violate Google Webmaster Guidelines and will get your website removed from the Google Index. However, it is good to understand some common Black Hat SEO techniques so you recognize them if someone less reputable employs them against you.

Using Black Hat SEO techniques means bearing the risk of being penalized by search engines. Unfortunately, there are those who, when they feel they have done all they can to positively influence search engine results using White Hat methods, turn to using Black Hat SEO techniques against competitors to negatively influence the search engine results of competitors’ websites.

One good way to stay abreast of Black Hat SEO techniques is to maintain relationships with search engine optimization experts who aren’t shy about employing Black Hat SEO techniques.  Staying on top of Black Hat SEO techniques is necessary, just to just to make sure Black Hat SEO techniques aren’t being used against your website.  Interestingly, many old tried and true Black Hat SEO techniques keep working. Here’s a look at some Black Hat SEO techniques that still work.

Black Hat SEO Techniques Potentially Used To Hurt Your Website

Influencing the search engine results of competitors is hard.  However, influencing which specific page on your domain that ranks well is much easier.  All websites have pages that they expect to rank well in relation to their other pages. If a page you do not intend to rank highly, all of a sudden ranks higher than your designed conversion pages, you’re likely to miss a conversion.

These are Black Hat SEO techniques derived from an old search engine reputation management (SERM) tactics.  Instead of pushing a negative result down, it can be replaced by a neutral/positive page on the same domain.  This way all the domain related factors don’t have to be matched before focusing on relevance and page importance.  The new result replaces the old one, thus removing a negative result from the top 10.  You can influence which page ranks. This Black Hat SEO technique can be exploited by a competitor in this way:

  1. The find an alternative page on your domain with some search term focus.
  2. They find an authoritative page (link value without particular relevance) anywhere on the Internet.
  3. They create a link from the authority page to the page on your domain they want to boost.
  4. Once enough link value is passed, the target page outranks your original page.
  5. Thus, a page that you don’t intend is boosted, at the expense of the page you need to rank highly.

Black Hat SEO Techniques Where Competitors Report You

This is the most common of Black Hat SEO techniques. Many SEOs report every paid link they can find to search engines.  Ask yourself, do they do it to help Google, or is it in their own best interest? There are many things you do, either purposefully or accidentally, that might be seen as spam.  If competitors can benefit from it and if they can even get your site penalized, your competitors can choose to point this out to Google. Make sure your website complies with Google’s Webmaster Terms of Use at all times, and you never have to be concerned about this Black Hat SEO technique.

Black Hat SEO Techniques Arise All The Time

Use White Hat not Black Hat SEO TechniquesBlack Hat SEO techniques seem to keep working, and new Black Hat SEO techniques spring up all the time. When Google or other search engines put their finger in one hole, another always seems to pop open. Being on the forefront of this good v evil battle is something you should keep in mind. But, you should always stick with White Hat SEO techniques.

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