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All Small Businesses Need Business Blogs

As business owners there is a sense of accomplishment when we get our own small business website. Feel good for a little while, but then decide what to do with the most powerful marketing tool your business has ever had. If you use it correctly, a small business website will work for you all the time; even when you sleep. Read on to learn more about making your website work for you by adding Business Blogs.

Small Business Blogs Put Your Website To Work

You took the first big step as a business owner and got a website. Feel good about it for a little while, but then accept that that is just the start of doing business in the 21st century. A website is a tool, not a Tomahawk missile, you can’t just fire and forget it. Like any tool, it must be used properly if it is to be effective. One thing you can be certain of, your competition is ramping up to use their blog…against you.

Unlike the old days of advertising, when you ordered ads in a magazine and had to wait weeks to see a proof, websites provide almost instantaneous results. The good news is that getting a website to work for you is far easier than old advertising methods ever were. Better still, Lexington Development specializes in providing advanced Internet marketing strategies for small businesses. We are experts at designing, implementing and managing website solutions for small business, and we’ll be happy to do it for you.

Don’t Miss the Boat on the Most Cost Effective SEO Strategy

Business Blogs are that rare combination of extremely effective and extremely inexpensive, yet many small businesses are blog reluctant. I routinely hear ‘I don’t have time to blog’, or ‘blogging doesn’t make sense in my industry‘ and the dreaded ‘nobody will want to read it.’ In response I say make time, yes it does and yes they will. Your business provides products or services which are sufficiently unique so as to merit the creation and aggressive use of a Business Blog.

All of you will undoubtedly ask, “How will a blog make me money?” The answer isn’t direct, because direct revenue from a Business Blog isn’t likely. But, many business activities contribute to the greater good of your business without generating direct revenue. Consider these statistics and then think about whether or not you need a Business Blog.

  • 72.8% of active internet users read Business Blogs
  • 82.9% of active internet users watch videos online
  • 45.8% of active internet users leave comments on Business Blog
  • 34% of active internet users post opinions about products and brands on their Blog
  • 36% of active internet users think more positively about companies that have Business Blogs

So, while a Business Blogs may not produce direct revenue, the overall return on investment because you have a blog is substantial. I won’t stop here and ask you to believe me, but will, instead, provide details about the six fundamental benefits that accrue from having to Business Blog that wise business owners cannot afford to overlook.

  1. You and your business will gain visibility as a thought leader. Each thoughtful post on your Business blogs are a public demonstration of your thought leadership, personal integrity, humor, and professional expertise. You don’t have to postulate theorems in order to earn respect. For example, a summary of recent trends in your industry, or a reaction to a recent news article can be extremely effective articles for business blogs.
  2. Engage customers in a dialogue. If business blogs use a state-of-the-art blogging platform like WordPress, readers will have the option to comment on articles. Those who comment on business blogs are likely sales leads, or they may just challenge or support your views. Either way, comments beget comments, and you will soon be at the center of an industry-relevant dialogue with customers and partners.
  3. Articles you post on business blogs provide search engine optimization opportunities. Lots of people search online for lots of things, and you can write blog articles that target niche keyword phrases that will attract potential customers in huge numbers.
  4. Business blogs provide a mechanism for the creation of inbound links. Every inbound link from another website or blog to your website or blog is important. In fact, it is the single most important metric used in determining the importance of your website. Few websites or blogs will link directly to product or service pages on websites. However, they will frequently link to well written articles on business blogs because blog articles provide information without attempting to sell directly. Thus, those articles you didn’t have time for, that you think won’t work in your industry, attract a great deal of readers.
  5. Business blogs humanize your brand. Business blogs provide the platform for a company to present insightful, helpful, thoughtful information. Through business blogs, potential customers will get a sense of your company’s people, culture, and vision, and they provide a warmer view of your company.
  6. Business blogs provide the mechanism to display fresh, current content which is essential in getting Google to look favorably on your website, so they can refer it to others. Websites with stale, outdated content soon disappear from Google search results. Google regularly crawls websites looking for new content and you want Google to crawl websites and business blogs as often as possible. Sites that are crawled frequently are generally considered more important by Google. Importance translates into better search rankings.

Despite these wonderfully compelling reasons to use business blogs, business owners inevitably still object because they are too busy or because they believe no one will be interested in what they write. Don’t sell yourself short. It will surprise you how many people will be interested in what you write. Not everything I write meets with overwhelming acceptance, but I wrote an article last June for Intelligent US Politics that was syndicated by Technorati. Within ten hours of being published, my article had been re-syndicated on more than 36,000 blogs and websites and within 5 days it had been read by an estimated one million readers. I was once a business owner who believed that no one would want to read what I wrote.

Business blogs are extremely effective marketing tools. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one but don’t use it, start. If you don’t have the time or expertise, we will do it for you. We’ll even write articles for you. We offer a turnkey Business Blog Package that is specially priced at only $399. Thus we defeat your next objection, that it would cost too much. As a perfect fit for business owners who don’t have time to periodically write blog articles for their business blogs, we provides Custom Content Writing Services at very reasonable prices.

Now that you’re out of objections, it’s time to order a Business Blog for your business.

Small Business Website Solutions

In this article I strongly suggested business blogs as a way to make your website work for you. Although it is no coincidence that we provide the product I recommended in this article, the recommendation in favor of business blogs is, nonetheless, sound. As are the references to price and how easy we make it to set-up business blogs. Contact us today and we can build and install a state-of-the-art WordPress blog for your business within 72 hours for less than $400!

Get Started With A Business Blog

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