Google Author Rank For Small Business

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Google Authorship Markup

Google Author Rank For Small Business

Google Author Rank marks a change in Google’s search algorithm and the introduction of a new search ranking factor for Google. Google Author Rank is also one of the most significant opportunities for small businesses to improve their search engine results. And, while Google Author Rank is getting a great deal of coverage in industry circles, it has not yet made its way to business websites.

Because Google Author Rank hasn’t yet been applied on most websites, most notably those of your competitors, it represents a golden opportunity for you to dramatically improve your search engine results quickly, easily and with very little expense.

Google Author Rank Changes Search

Since Google’s inception the search giant has relied on Page Rank as the mainstay of their search rankings. Page Rank is a complex mathematical algorithm that ranks the importance of web pages on a scale of 0 to 10. There are more than 200 variables in the mathematical formula Google uses to determine Page Rank. Google’s search algorithm is a closely guarded secret that works remarkably well, which explains why Google has such a commanding share of the search market.

Not a company that rests on their laurels, Google strives to continually improve the search results they provide when you use the search engine. It is because of their continuing need to improve that Google has introduced Google Author Rank as another search ranking factor which seems to be on par with Page Rank. Based essentially on the belief that great authors write great books, Google will now adjust search results placement based on the author of the web pages being ranked. Thus, web pages written by authors who have high Author Rank will place higher in search results.

Google Author Rank, therefore, introduces a system that takes into account the author of the web page content when determining search results. The mathematical calculations involved become mind boggling when you think it through. Authors with high Google Author Rank improve the placement of web pages they write because of their Google Author Rank, and authors will find their Google Author Rank is increased when they write web pages with a high Page Rank. This iterative mathematical process will almost certainly improve the quality and relevancy of Google’s search results.

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Implementing Google Author Rank

Google Author Rank, which relies on the Google+ platform, ranks content authors based on their reputation, credibility and quality of their work. Google Author Rank requires structured markup in web pages to connect web pages to their authors. Google Author Rank relies on Google+ to create that connection. There are several steps required to implement Google Author Rank on your website. Google Author Rank isn’t mandatory, but small businesses that choose to ignore Google Author Rank do so at their own peril. I would go so far as to say it is imperative that you take these steps to insure that your website will be recognized and ranked well by Google.

Get Google Author Rank For Your Website

Google Author RankTake advantage of the extraordinary opportunity Google Author Rank means to improving your search results. Learn more about implementing Google Author Rank on your website.

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Google Author Rank Benefits To Authors

When Google Author Rank is implemented, authors of web content receive attribution for each web page they write. That attribution is displayed publicly in Google search results as illustrated in the below image of search results. Google Author Rank calls attention to more of the author’s work. The attribution and connectivity for Google Author Rank are managed through the author’s Google+ profile. People who perform Google searches are able to identify the author and connect to more of the author’s work.

Google Author Rank Search Enhancements

Google Author Rank Benefits To Websites

Websites that implement Google Author Rank will be the biggest beneficiaries of Google Author Rank. Search results that lead to their website are enhanced in search results (see the image above). You’ve probably seen search results with Google Author Rank enhancements. They are easy to identify because the author’s picture is displayed in the search snippets and snippets are larger than standard search snippets. Thus more attention is called to those websites. Additionally, more visitors will find their way to your website because of the connectivity to all content written by verified authors.

Using Google Author Rank On Your Website

Implementing Google Author Rank on your website should be an immediate priority. If your website does not have a reputable content author, it’s a good idea to engage a reputable author with strong Google Author Rank to create some content for your website. Their Google Author Rank will likely provide an immediate boost to the reputation and search results of your website. Although it isn’t mandatory, Google Author Rank is something you should take very seriously as a small business owner. If a DIY solution isn’t for you, we are offering a Google Author Rank Package for small business for only $299.

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