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Google Guide To Rich Snippets And Structured Markup

Stuructured Markup Creates Rich Snippets

Owning and operating a small business is hard work. I should know, I’ve been a small business owner for so long that it’s all I know. As my career has morphed into what I fondly refer to as Career 2.0, evolving from old school to new tech, I continually look for ways to help small businesses with website design, Internet marketing and search engine optimization or SEO. To me it is something of a quest, my own personal holy grail, as it were. As I encounter ideas, research, tidbits or anything, for that matter, that will help, I try to share it with small business owners far and wide. Today my subject addresses Small Business SEO and is probably something you’ve never heard of, Rich Snippets.

Google and other search engines can deliver more customers, potential customers and visitors to your website than any other method of advertising. Google has the ability to send you more customers in one day than you have had in your entire career all put together, even if your career has been 400 years long. Now, you just need Google to send you all those customers!

Small businesses with their own website should spend some time every day improving their website and optimizing their website to perform better in search engine results. I know, it sounds great, and you have the discipline, but what can you do to improve your search results. There are hundreds of ways to improve the search results for your business, but the question is what will have the greatest impact right away? Finally, there is a clear, unequivocal answer for your business. Rich snippets.

Rich Snippets Structured Markup

Rich snippets are derived from microdata, or structured data, used in web pages. Microdata is machine readable website content that has been optimized to provide more semantic information to search engines than typical web content.

Rather than trying to describe or explain rich snippets further, we have provided this brief Google Webmaster video about rich snippets. was kind enough to provide this brief video. This article and video about rich snippets is being incorporated into our SEO For Small Business article series which provides extensive tips and resources for small business.

Rich Snippets Effect On Small Business

Google and other search engines haven’t yet made it mandatory for websites to provide structured data for rich snippets, but search engine results for companies that do not provide structured markup will likely begin to suffer. This will especially become the case as more and more companies comport with the requirements.

Conversely, this is a golden opportunity for small businesses to position themselves more favorably with search engines. Because rich snippets, structured markup, microdata and the like are all new concepts provide

Improve Your Search Results

Contact Lexington Development to re-code your website with Rich Snippets and structured data and start moving up the search engine rankings right away. It’s probably also time to give your small business website an overhaul. Let’s give it a face lift and improve the rich snippets and give your business a real boost!

If you own a small businesses that still doesn’t have its own website, get one. If you think your business doesn’t need a website, you’re probably still surprised the Edsel was discontinued. In other words, you’re wrong. Check out our article entitled Do Small Businesses Really Need Their Own Websites? and decide for yourself. Lexington Development provides remarkably effective small business websites and innovative Internet marketing solutions for small business.

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