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What is the optimal keyword density on web pages? While not as common as what is search engine optimization or what is SEO, what is the optimal keyword density is nominally a top 10 question we are asked by search engine optimization clients and SEO do-it-yourself-ers. Before we provide an answer for optimal keyword density, we’ll touch base very quickly with an explanation of keyword density.

Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword (which means keyword phrase), most especially the focus keyword of the page, divided by the total number of words on the page. For example, if the keyword being analyzed is optimal keyword density (from this page) and it occurs 10 times in this page, then the total number of keywords is 30 (3 words x 10 instances) divided by the total number of words in this page, in this case 525. Thus, the keyword density is 5.71 percent.

Continuing with the discussion about optimal keyword density, we then ask ourselves if 5.71 percent is the optimal keyword density. Unfortunately the answer is fluid, as in not absolute. In some cases, a keyword phrase that recurs 10 times for a 5.71 percent ratio may be optimal. In most cases, a keyword density of 5.71 percent is entirely too high. Imagine if this were a 1200 word article. That would mean that keywords would have to occur 68 times, giving you a three word phrase that is repeated 23 times. Reading an article such as that would lead you to one of two inescapable conclusions. The author is either (a) keyword stuffing or (b) the author is an awful writer, on par with Journey’s Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah song.

Optimal keyword density is a search engine optimization question which is difficult, if not impossible, to answer. We didn’t want to leave you with a weak answer, since you were kind enough to read this article, so we got an authoritative answer. For an authoritative answer on optimal keyword density, we have procured a Google Webmaster Video which provides the best possible answer and a good deal of information about optimal keyword density.

Optimal Keyword Density Google Video

Optimal Keyword Density And More Questions

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