Frisco Website Designer Upgraded By Alexa

Website Designer Lexington Development Upgraded by Alexa Traffic Soars 800%

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Frisco Website Designer Upgraded By Alexa As Website Traffic Skyrockets

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Frisco website designer Lexington Development has seen their website rank upgraded for 166 of the last 168 days, as their website is propelled into top 1/10 percent of all websites worldwide, according to Alexa Internet. Alexa, a division of Amazon Web Services, now ranks the website designer among the top 30,000 websites in the US.

Web Design Firm Lexington DevelopmentThe website for Frisco website designer and Internet marketing firm Lexington Development has been very quietly moving up worldwide website traffic rankings. Alexa Internet has officially upgraded the Alexa Rank for the website designer to the #192,268 website in the world.

Alexa officially began tracking the website designer in mid April 2011, when it debuted at an unremarkable worldwide rank of #4,362,884. Its debut number unofficially ranked the website designer in the top 5 percent in the world. However, since its opening, the website designer has been on a steep upward trend which hasn’t slowed. Alexa has upgraded the Frisco web designer 166 days out of the last 168.

On September 29 Alexa, which tracks and ranks the top 112 million websites in the world, announced a three-month traffic rank for the website designer of #192,268 worldwide.

Lexington Development is now ranked in the top one tenth percent of all websites in the world. Alexa projects further improvement for the Dallas area website designer, as its tracking ranks Lexington Development at number 155,858 worldwide.

Drilling down through the numbers, performance is even stronger in the US where the website designer has established itself with the number 28,798 website in the United States. Closer to home, Lexington Development performs better still, with a rather strong ranking as the number 606 website in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Alexa analysis goes on to analyze visitors to the website designer’s website as viewing an extraordinarily high 49 unique pages per day. The most striking metric is, perhaps, the statistic Alexa calls Reach, which is an indication of how many internet users visit the site regularly. The website designer has experienced an increase of 820 percent in the last three months which destroys all expectations. Alexa now estimates that 63 out of every 100,000 internet users visits the website designer’s site daily.

Website Designer Lexington Development

Website designer Lexington Development offers affordable website design, search engine optimization, business blogs, Internet marketing and local search services for small business. Lexington Development provides innovative SEO services and SEO content writing services that are the best SEO content writing services in the industry. Contact Lexington Development via Email, by visiting the website designer’s website or by calling (214) 702-3883.

About Alexa Internet

Founded in April 1996, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of intelligent Web navigation constantly improving through its users. Since then, our Alexa users have downloaded millions of Tool bars, and Alexa has created one of the largest Web crawls, and developed the infrastructure to process and serve massive amounts of data.


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