SEO Tactics: Correct Use Of Keywords For Best Search Results

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Keyword Tactics For Best Search Results

Keywords are the driving force behind search engine optimization and most SEO Tactics. But, probably not the way you think. Keywords are the most misunderstood element of SEO Tactics. Small businesses that misunderstand the correct use of keywords often make one of two devastating mistakes when optimizing their websites. Both of these scenarios are all too common, because the use of keywords in SEO Tactics is almost universally misunderstood.

  1. Small business hires an SEO company that cold calls them, regaling them with tales of their superior SEO Tactics. Invariably, their vaunted  SEO Tactics  involve a super secret proprietary method of inserting keywords into websites. SEO companies, such as these, are either black hat or, as is more common, they are a scam and do absolutely nothing to improve the search results of a website. Did you really think they could take you to the top of search results for $250/month?
  2. Small businesses undertakes Do It Yourself SEO believing they understand SEO Tactics that have them insert keywords into the coding of their website. Many believe that, by virtue of having inserted lots of keywords, they will improve search results. Really? Do you really think Google is that easily fooled?

Back here on earth the first question we must ask is not how many keywords to use in a webpage, but rather how important are keywords to Google? The answer to this question about keywords has to be air tight, because a great deal rides on the answer. But, the answer to this question will probably surprise most readers. In fact, I’d say the reality of meta keywords will surprise more than 90% of you.

Google gives keywords zero weight when ranking websites. Google couldn’t possibly care less about the meta keywords coded in websites, webpages or blogs. They care so little that they don’t even read them. You read correctly, meta keywords count for precisely zero in determining Google search results. Here is a brief Google video about using meta keywords and the keywords meta tag.

How To Use Keywords In SEO Tactics

The Best SEO Tactics Involve Developing Great Content

The best of all SEO tactics is to develop great content that people want to read. There is no substitute for good website content and no amount of optimized meta keywords will ever change that. Google handles 82% of the world’s search traffic and it’s really kind of silly to think you could outsmart them just by throwing a few meta keywords into a website? If that were possible, websites with weak, unimportant content could compensate with a few keywords and propel themselves to the top of Google search results. Google’s web crawlers read and index websites just like humans. If you have lousy content, humans leave your website and if you have lousy content Google isn’t inclined to send you any search traffic.

Best SEO Tactics To Optimize Your Website

Don’t hire a search engine optimization company just because they have a great pitch about SEO tactics that will put keywords in your website to boost search results. It doesn’t work. Never hire an SEO company that promises first page Google search results no matter how attractive the price, because they’re lying.

If you’re determined to pursue Do It Yourself SEO, forget it if your plan hinges on SEO tactics that stock your website full of meta keywords. Instead, spend time improving your content and invest in ethical, professional SEO services. We offer ethical SEO services for small business that deliver measurable results. Our SEO prices start at only $399. Learn more about our innovative SEO packages and how we can help your business.

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