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Google Authorship Markup PackageGoogle Authorship Markup represents a huge opportunity for small businesses to dramatically improve search results. Google Authorship, the most recent change to the Google algorithm marks the introduction of a new ranking factor to the algorithm.

Overall, web pages are ranked by hundreds, if not thousands, of variables. Google Authorship Markup is an attempt to improve search results further by changing the algorithm to account for the author of the web page content.

Authors of high-quality content can improve the ranking of web pages they write. Google Authorship is causing this boost of recognition. Content authors are graded on their reputation, credibility and quality of their work.

Google Authorship is structured markup that connects web pages to their authors. Google Authorship relies on Google+ to work. There are a few steps that must be taken to verify and connect the various parts for Google Authorship to work. Implementing these steps is critical for small businesses to be recognized by Google for Google Authorship markup. To more fully explain Google Authorship, let’s begin with the many things Google Authorship does.

Google Authorship Markup On Your Website $199

Google Authorship Markup PackageWe have created the Google Authorship Markup Package for small businesses to improve their search engine ranking by taking advantage of Google’s new search ranking factor. Improve your search engine rank now with Google Authorship Markup. Get our Google Authorship Markup Package for your website today for only $199!

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Benefits of Google Authorship

Web pages that have Google Authorship markup benefit from enhanced search results snippets. You’ve likely seen search results pages with Google Authorship enhancements. They are easy to identify because the author’s picture is displayed to the left of search snippets and the snippets are larger than the other snippets on the page. Additionally, visitors find their way to web pages with Google Authorship markup because of the connectivity to all web pages authored by that Google Author.

The biggest benefit is that pages with Google Authorship markup rank higher than web pages without. This part is key, so I’ll repeat it in a different way. Google Authorship has officially become a ranking factor in Google’s powerful search algorithm, so web pages written by a verified Google Author enjoy higher page rank and, consequently, more highly placed search results.

Google Authorship Markup Linking

Author Rank Features

Author Rank has several interesting features, such as time-on-site and a system of variables relating to an author’s content that basically adds up to a positive-mention count. Time-on-site tracks how long a user stays on a website that appears in Google search results. There is a cutoff time, unspecified at this point, beyond which a site raises its profile on Google’s ranking system. The rationale is that if visitors stay on the site longer, it is more likely that they are interested in and engaged with the content of the site. The implication is that it is a higher-quality website which deserves higher search results placement.

Google also measures the popularity of the author and content written by that author based on the number of positive mentions to the author and content referenced in other content. This is a measure of popularity, important to a site’s overall ranking. Lastly, search results which have been influenced by Author Rank look distinct, in that they include the author’s name and picture, as mentioned above and as depicted in this image.

Google Authorship Snippet

Using Google Authorship On Your Website

If the content in your website does not have a reputable author, it may pay to ask a reputable author to create some content for your site. Their credibility will likely boost your site reputation. Search engine rank is also driven by social signals such as Facebook “likes,” Twitter tweets, shares and other indications of popularity, credibility, quality or approval.

Additionally, you should create strong website content that interests and engages visitors, thus causing them to stay on your site longer. The longer they stay and browse your website, the better your bounce rate and page views, which will lead to an improvement in Google’s ranking system. The logic of this ranking is to get a rough measure of visitors’ interest. Two sites may have an equal number of visiting clicks, but if visitors stay on one site an average of 15 seconds but on your site 4 minutes, your site will be viewed more favorably by Google.

Google Authorship Markup On Your Website $299

Google Authorship Markup PackageWe have created a Google Authorship Markup Package for small businesses who want to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to move your website up in search results. Our Google Authorship Markup Package will immediately improve search results for your business.

Get Google Authorship Markup for your website for only $299!

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