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Our Internet Advertising Rates Are Really Cheap So Advertise Here

Order Advertising IconThe headline is gimicky, but it does get attention. It also happens to be true. We extensively researched local advertising options before making internet advertising available on our website to insure that we were providing local small businesses with a truly inexpensive internet advertising option that will be viewed by scads of potential local customers. More than that, we wanted to make absolutely sure we were providing the least expensive local ad space around.

Internet Advertising Types and Specifications

Ad types can be complicated. Back when newspaper advertising actually worked, I always felt like there was a secret language that newspaper and magazine ad departments didn’t want us advertisers knowing. You won’t find that here. Our ads are clearly described and specified. If anything on this page is confusing, ambiguous are difficult to understand, Let Us Know and we’ll change it. Available ad types – and a description of each – are listed below.

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads are, as the name suggests, a phrase of text on a webpage that is a clickable, live link to another webpage. For example, this is a text link. We have set this link to point right back here so we don’t lose you, but a text link ad on one of our websites would point to a particular page on your blog or website. When compared to static text links, which typically appear in list form in the sidebar of a webpage, contextual links tend to produce more relevant clicks, because visitors click contextual link because they are interested in the anchor text phrase in which the link is embedded. Visitors who click a contextual link have an expectation that the hyperlink is going to take them to a page relevant to the link they clicked, making contextual links difficult to place. The odds of finding a phrase on a webpage relevant to your business and interesting enough to be clicked by visitors are long. Contextual Link Ads on this website or one of our affiliate sites are priced at a straightforward, simple and inexpensive $29 per month per link. Small Business Bonus is included.

 Static Text Link Ads

Static text links have two advantages over contextual links. They are easily placed, usually as part of a short list of links in a particular area of a webpage, for example, where the webpage may add a title block, such as Frisco Dentists, followed by a list of 4 or 5 links that are names of dental practices. These links also provide brand recognition, anchored as they are in text that is their name. While not as contextually relevant as contextual links, they are branded, effective and inexpensive. Static Link Ads on this or one of our affiliate websites are priced for a limited time at a straightforward $29 per month, and our Local Small Business Bonus is included.

Sidebar Display Ads

As in magazines, display ads are image ads that are typically placed in the sidebar of websites. They are larger, shinier and garner much more attention, building positive brand recognition. Display ads are an internet standard 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels tall. On our websites, display ads are seen thousands of times each month, providing a positive impression about your business every time they are viewed. Putting display ads about your business in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors over an extended period of time creates a cumulative effect whether they are clicked on or not, as visitors will remember your dental practice, for example, and contact you a year or more from now when they need a dentist. Because display ads take up valuable real estate on a webpage, they are more expensive than text link ads. Like billboards, price varies based on location. For a limited time, 125×125 display ads on this site are priced at a straightforward $65 per month for standard locations, and can range as high as $125 per month, depending on location for premium placement.

Exclusive Placement Display Ads

Our Exclusive Placement Ads are visually identical to Standard Display Ads with an exclusivity benefit. For an additional charge, local small businesses can prevent their competitors from advertising on our website. This is often desirable for companies with numerous local competitors or a particularly strong competitor who they want precluded from internet advertising. The price of our Exclusive Placement ads vary depending on placement. Exclusive Placement ads are priced at double standard display ads. Additionally included are a full page Business Profile plus 10 additional links to your website or social network websites.

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