Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a combination of strategies, techniques and tactics which are undertaken to improve the placement of a website in organic search results in order to increase visitors to the website and convert them to customers. Top search engine placement isn’t an accident. The websites you find on the first page of Google search results, especially in the case of popular, competitive search phrases, are on that first page because they have employed search engine optimization. If you were to examine search results over time, you would find the same companies consistently ranking at or near the top of search results. That placement at the top of search results isn’t luck, it’s search engine optimization.


What Is Search Engine Optimization?

To answer to What is search engine optimization? we must first explain how Internet search works. We also offer SEO articles that provide SEO tips and SEO tutorials with lots of information about search engine ranking and search engine optimization.


Schema Structured Markup

Schema is a paradigm shift that’s changing the way search engines rank websites. Schema structured markup can propel your small businesses to the top of search results and increase your website traffic by up to 31% fast.


Search Engine Optimization Methods

SEO can take you to the top of search results, but at what cost? Before undertaking search engine optimization, you have to learn more about SEO ethics, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO including cost benefit analysis.

  • Ethical Search Engine Optimization
  • Professional White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO Costs & Benefits

Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Search engine optimization best practices involves hundreds of actions, each critical to successful SEO for small business. We take you step by step through on-site SEO, off-site SEO, local search optimization and SEO competitive analysis.

  • On-site Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-site SEO Activities (Linking)
  • Small Business SEO Article Series

Get Advanced SEO For Your Business

If you’ve read the information about search engine optimization, then you know that SEO has a higher return on investment than any other way you can market and advertise your business. You’re no doubt ready to get started with an SEO Package.

  • Ethical Search Engine Optimization
  • Professional White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO Costs & Benefits
Google Authorship Markup Search Engine Optimization


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SEO Helps Search Engines Perform Better

Search Engine Optimization Google LogoThe purpose of websites or web pages is to provide information for human readers. However, human beings don’t decide which websites top the search results, machines do. Search engine optimization improves the structure and content of web pages so that search engines detect and index those pages. Because the purpose of search engines is to connect human readers with the web content which is most worthwhile and most relevant to their search query, Google and other search engines appreciate websites that employ search engine optimization because they provide the information and tools that help search engines crawl and index those sites more effectively.

SEO Requires Dedication And Smart Human Beings

Most search engine optimization companies use computers and automated processes to optimize client websites. However, effective search engine optimization cannot be done by a computer, no matter how sophisticated the software. While these companies may improve search results, the improvement will likely be marginal and temporary. Effective organic search engine optimization can only be achieved when intelligent, dedicated, thoughtful people continually monitor trends, information and performance continually.

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