Small Business Solution Packages

Small Business Solution Packages

Our Small Business Solution Packages combine our most popular, most cost effective web design, Internet marketing and SEO services into bundled Small Business Solution Packages. By combining our most popular and most economical services, we are able to provide you with maximum benefit at the lowest possible cost. By offering Small Business Solution Packages, we are able to provide you with small business web solution packages your business needs, at surprisingly affordable prices.

Prices for complete small business websites with content management systems start as low as $799, making our website prices some of the lowest in the industry. Compare the features and prices of our small business website packages and you’ll very quickly see the value they offer.

In addition to offering powerful website packages and affordable website prices, we also provide our clients with website tools, resources, research and tips that will help you make well informed decisions. Answers to many of your questions about web design, search engine optimization, and more can be found in our FAQ. And, because this industry has a language which is unique unto itself, we are building what we hope will be the most extensive Internet and website glossary available anywhere.

Extended, detailed information about our Small Business Solution Packages along with extensive information about hundreds of other topics related to our Small Business Solution Packages can be found on Lexington Development’s Internet Wiki, an online knowledge base and research platform that boasts more than 1,000 pages of encyclopedic research material that we publish and make available as a free resource for our clients. You’ll find that the Internet Wiki features relevant, high quality, encyclopedic content that will help you in many facets of your business by providing the business information you need to make better informed decisions.

Web Design Packages

Small Business Solution Packages Web DesignNo matter what business you’re in, having a website is critical to your success. Research shows that fully 82% of Internet users don’t do business with companies that don’t have a website. Let us help you. We offer several options in small business websites priced from only $799. Learn more about our Small Business Website Packages.

WordPress Business Blogs

Small Business Solution Packages Business BlogsWordPress business blogs aren’t just for big companies or guys that blog from their basement. Companies that blog experience 500% more customer leads as consumers and businesses alike are much more likely to do business with companies that blog. Enhance your brand, attract customers and boost search results with one of our Business Blog Packages

Instant SEO Packages

Small Business Solution Packages SEO SolutionsWe offer instant, on-page SEO Small Business Solution Packages that offer small companies intensive, on-page SEO solutions deployed aggressively, all at once, not doled out in monthly subscription services like most SEO plans. Our Instant SEO Packages apply overwhelming force on your behalf to improve your search results quickly. Learn about our Instant SEO Packages

Content Development Packages

Small Business Solution Packages Content DevelopmentOur expert syndicated writers are specialists who create persuasive, engaging written content. Content Development Packages include website content writing, blog article writing, SEO content writing, press release writing and more. Learn more about our professional and affordable Content Development Packages.

Managed Web Hosting Packages

Small Business Solution Packages Managed Website HostingIn addition to award winning web hosting, we offer turnkey Managed Hosting Solutions for small business. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your website hosting is professionally managed including hosting, licensing, compliance, maintenance, updates, security and guaranteed protection against hackers. Learn about Managed Web Hosting Packages.

Need A Custom Solution Package?

Small Business Solution Packages IconNeed a Small Business Solution Package for your business that’s not listed here? More are coming. We can convert services into out-of-the-box small business solution packages so we can provide you with our most potent small business solutions at affordable prices. It’s part of our maximum value pledge to clients. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Google Authorship Markup


New tool critical for small business search results. Attract new customers only $199

Learn more about Google Authorship Markup

Small Business Solution Packages Structured Markup Packages

Structured Markup Packages Structured Markup can radically improve your search results from $299

Learn more about Structured Markup

Web Design Special Offer

Website Special Offer

Website Sale! Get a powerful Tier One Website Package on sale now for only $799

Learn more about our special pricing on Small Business Websites

Web Design Special Offer For Sale

4,000 page real estate relocation website for sale only $8,900

MoveRelocate Website

Financing Available

Financing Terms Available

To insure small business clients get the solution packages they need, we offer financing terms to suit your budget. We don’t want cash flow to keep you from getting the solutions your business needs. It’s easy, Contact Us, tell us what you need, and we’ll be glad to extend flexible payment terms.

  • Great Websites Are Critical For Small Business

    90% of Internet users search for products and services online before making a purchase, even when they're buying from a local business. Small Business Website Packages

  • Top Search Engine Rankings Are Critical

    Being at the top of search results is critical to your business. Companies in the top three search positions get 60% of search traffic. Learn what our Instant SEO can do for your business.

  • Page One Search Results Are Important

    There are ten places on the first search results page. Clawing your way onto the first page is magical, because 75% of Internet users only look at the first page of search results. Learn what our Instant SEO can do for your business.

  • Blogs Are Cheap Effective Marketing For Your Business

    Small businesses with a Blog get 55% more visitors and 70% more sales. Blogs are easy, cheap and really work. Learn about Business Blog Packages

  • Size Matters

    Websites attract more visitors and customers if they're big. And more content means more targets for search engines. Learn about highly effective Content Marketing Solutions

  • Increase Website Traffic 500% Free

    Smart businesses get 500% more website traffic and 400% more sales leads free using Buisness Blogs and Content Marketing. Get a WordPress Blog for your business.