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WordPress Publishing PlatformsWe are pleased to provide our new Theme Gallery so our clients and visitors can browse the WordPress themes, website templates and blog themes offered by Lexington Development. Use our Theme Gallery to select the WordPress theme or website template best suited for your business. We hope the addition of the Theme Gallery improves our technology and enhances your website browsing experience.

In this Theme Gallery you’ll find thumbnail images of the more than 100 themes we have in our Theme Gallery inventory for your website. Additionally, just click on any thumbnail image in the Theme Gallery for a much larger image. Theme titles in the Theme Gallery are navigation links which will take you to a full size live Theme Demo for each of the themes.

The theme galleries are organized from the top down, with the topmost theme gallery presenting all themes. As you move down, each gallery becomes increasingly focused, first by master category, then by individual categories. We provide the additional theme galleries to be respectful of your time. Browse the theme galleries and theme demos taking as much or as little time as you’d like.

Our Theme Galleries provide rather large screenshot images of the standard WordPress themes, Premium WordPress Themes and website templates we have in inventory. However, there is no substitute for a hands-on demonstration. Thus we are pleased to announce that we have completed building a fully functional theme demo in order to provide you with the most information and a hands-on feel for what theme or template you would like to use for your website or blog. Visit the Theme Demo Main Page for directions and navigational assistance, and take one or all of our WordPress templates and themes for a test drive.


Theme Gallery Theme Demo

Theme Demo

Our Theme Demo is now up and running. The Theme Demo is a valuable, engaging element of our website, and one we have long contemplated. We are very happy to provide the new Theme Demo as a tool for our clients and visitors to take websites for a virtual test drive before selecting a theme for their new website.

Last month we activated our extensive Theme Gallery, which provides information and images of the website templates and WordPress themes we offer, so you can select the theme or template best suited for your business. The addition of the Theme Gallery improved our technology and seems to have substantially enhanced your website browsing experience.

The Theme Gallery, while a substantial upgrade, was only a step in providing you with world class web design services. When doing business with Lexington Development, we want you to be 100% satisfied with the entire customer experience. To take the next step in improving the overall web design process, we have built this Theme Demo, to provide you with a more engaging, hands-on tool to assist in the web design process, hopefully making the process easier for you while also improving the finished product.

The Theme Demo has fully operational websites for you to try out, so you get a very good feel for what your new website will be like with each respective website theme we offer. At this stage, the Theme Demo up and running with a dozen premium WordPress themes. By the end of the week, we will have developed the rest of the Theme Demo, which will provide full demo capabilities for 150 of the best premium WordPress themes in the world. All in one place, and all to improve our service to you.

You can navigate to individual Theme Demo pages directly from the respective Theme Gallery page, or you can simply click on the images or View Site buttons displayed above. If you see a theme that interests you, just click the image and you’ll be taking the Theme Demo for a spin. Try one Theme Demo or try them all. We have dozens of premium WordPress themes available for demo which will soon grow to more than 100 of the world’s best website templates assembled here to improve your experience in the web design process. Take a Theme Demo for a spin now and if you need help, click the Help icon at any time.

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